M1: Kick-off meeting

M2: Meeting for IO 2 and IO 3 development

The number of the transnational partners meetings is limited to two physical and at least two on-line Zoom or Skype meetings for the entire project duration. Their need is related to the specific stage of the project implementation, namely: the physical meeting will be held on Project start in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, and at month 18 of project implementation in order to prepare the multiplier events and to discuss the preparation of the final progress report to the National agency. That meeting will be held in Thessaloniki Greece. Two |Zoom or Skype meetings will be held before development of IO 2 and IO 3. For each physical meeting the partners will be represented by 2 persons. During each of the meetings there will be project management and implementation activities and discussion as well as individual financial sessions between the coordinator and each partner will be elaborated.