Output Title – Creation of on-line distance course on Bioinformatics
Output Type Course / curriculum – Pilot course / module
Start Date (yyyy-mm-dd) 2021-09-15
End Date (yyyy-mm-dd) 2022-09-15
Output Description (including: needs analysis, target groups, elements of innovation, expected impact and transferability potential)
The Pandemic of Covid19 has faced the educational institutions worldwide in front of new unexpected challenges with regard to the new requirements of the state authorities for
transition from face-to face to distance education type of learning activities. The greater part of the schools and universities worldwide and even in Europe were not ready to take that
challenge due to lack of administrative, staff and financial resources. The innovativeness of the current learning course on Bioinformatics is expresses by its characteristics to be
prepared in a way that will meet all the quality requirements of the F2F course, as at the same time it will be on-line distance course. It is expected to have great beneficial impact on
the Target group – students in Bioinformatics, as it will allow them not to lower the quality of their education as that happened in the learning year 2020.
The course will encompass the following curriculum content:
1 Introduction into Bioinformatics I
2 Proteins and Enzymes I
3 Fundamentals of Molecular Biology and Structure of Matter I
4 Algorithms in Bioinformatics I
5 Artificial Neural Networks I
6 Biophysical Problems I
7 Molecular Genetics II
8 Computer Genomics II
9 Theoretical Modeling in Genomics II
10 Docking Problem II
11 Protein Folding Problem II
12 Preparation for a Written State Exam or Defense of a Diploma Thesis
1 Introduction into Bio Java
2 Introduction into BioPython
3 Operations Research I
4 Modern Methods in Computer Biology
5 Statistical Analysis I
6 Computer Molecular Modeling II
7 Bioinformatics Computer Laboratory II

8 Quantitative Pharmacology II
9 Scripting Languages II
10 Models of Artificial Neural Networks II

Based on the Methodology developed under IO 1 an on-line distance learning course will be developed and at least 100 students will be trained using those courses in one Academic
The methodologies applied, leading to the production of the intellectual output will be:
􀀀 Desk research
􀀀 Best practices application
The main responsible partners for development of the on-line distance learning course in Bioinformatics will be South-West University “Neofit Rilski” – Blagoevgrad and Aristotle
University. Each of them will devote two researchers for applying the Methodology from IO 1 and to develop the learning course. Furthermore one technician per partner will be
responsible for the on- line development and coherence of the course. The course will be approbated in both universities within the framework of the school year.
Tasks leading to the production of the intellectual output:
􀀀 Preparation of detailed outline for curriculum development according the methodology developed under IO 1
􀀀 Development of draft version of the modular content of the learning courses in Bioinformatics
􀀀 Approbation of the learning courses
􀀀 Development of final version of the modular content of the learning courses in Bioinformatics